Introducing the
Streaming-OS Architecture

Netzyn’s Streaming-OS Architecture (SOSA) builds the foundation for the future of end-user computing. SOSA moves the operating system, apps, and costly components from the client into the cloud, enabling powerful computing to be streamed to any device.

To use Smart Devices, we do dumb things

End-user computing used to be much more straightforward. We’ve gone from one computer per person to many computing devices per person. These “Smart Devices” pack powerful computers into pocket-sized devices, but more computers means more cost and more complexity for developers and consumers.

Devices are expensive, have fixed processing + storage, and quickly become obsolete.

Data and Apps are scattered across multiple devices and servers and are difficult to keep in-sync and up-to-date.

Development for multiple versions, platforms, environments is complicated, costly, and time-consuming.

Things are going to get worse

With the addition of new smart watches, smart glasses and billions of IOT devices, the number of client-OSs and copies of the same app will multiply beyond what can be managed.

The Client-OS is the brains of computing, but the heart of the problem

The local OS architecture was designed for a different era, when people did all their computing on one device and kept data and applications locally. Now, in the connected era, our media, data and apps have moved to the cloud. We expect access and performance everywhere and anywhere, which means moving OS and Apps, basically the computing, to the cloud.

It’s time to move from the client to the cloud

Instead of Smart-Devices with a Client-OS, we need Simple-Devices with a Streaming‑OS.


Delivering powerful cloud-computing with affordable, simple‑devices.

SOSA takes the Client-OS to the cloud, eliminating the need for each and every device to contain costly CPU, GPU, memory, and storage components. This means devices can be cheaper, while computing is more secure, universally compatible, and infinitely powerful with cloud-computing and storage.

Local Smart-Stack
Streaming Simple-Stack
Smart Devices Simple Devices
Expensive devices Inexpensive devices
Computing in devices and cloud Computing in cloud only
Multiple Client-OSs Single Streaming-OS
Multiple versions of native app Single version of each native app
Cloud apps are web apps Cloud apps are native apps
App speed, functionality limited by device Unlimited app speed, functionality
Security & Virus issues Inherent security, no viruses
Number of apps limited by device storage Unlimited number of apps
Manual app install and updating Just use app, no install or updating
Device configured to user Use any device by entering your OS URL
Devices operate in silos Single unified operation of all devices
Devices frequently replaced to run new OS / apps Devices are future proof

The same client-OS capabilities,
plus unique benefits.

The client-OS architecture provides functionality that controls the Device Drivers, runs the Native App Environment and OS Environment, and provides the OS App graphical user interface.

SOSA provides the same client-OS capability, but distributes the functionality across a Native OS Server, multiple Native App Servers, and Device Drivers on one or more simple‑devices.

Client-OS Architecture:
Monolithic OS Functions
Streaming-OS Architecture:
Distributed OS Functions
Any app, on any device

SOSA’s server-side computing can run any app natively and stream the pixels to any Simple Device or SOSA Device.

OS is an app

The SOSA OS runs on a server totally independent from apps and devices allowing people to buy any device and connect it to any OS.

New app model

Running native GUI apps on servers creates a completely unique peer-to-peer, single-tier app architecture, which greatly simplifies app creation and provides opportunities for new types of apps.

Universal OS & App API

The SOSA protocol makes SOSA OSs, apps and simple-devices completely interoperable. The protocol 100% defines all aspects of SOSA and is effectively a client-OS API.

Simple, scalable, and ready to stream.

NzASP is Netzyn's SOSA software solution for streaming OS and apps to any device.

NzASP server software provides the SOSA OS and App Environment for NzASP, Android, HTML5, Linux and Windows apps. NzASP device software supports both simple and smart devices. The NzASP platform scales from running on a single handheld server all the way to managing, provisioning and controlling 100K's of servers.